comfort zones

This dream had long existed within my own imagination. It took to fruition in college in the form of whispers between friends. Whispers matured into a fantasy of living in Italy for a year learning Italian, soaking myself in their history and eating my way through Florence, wine in hand. These dreams were abruptly wiped away from my mind. Aspirations like these required money and reality reminded me that was the one thing I lacked. I watched my skin fade into a green hue while my friends effortlessly roamed around the world, stamping their passports along the way. And there I was chained to my seat by student loans, an unstable job market and fear of leaving everything behind.

I do not know if it was on the Parisian streets that I drenched in wine or within the picturesque alleys of Zaragoza or perhaps it was was getting endlessly tangled within the winding roads of Barcelona where I fell in love. But I did. And I never recovered.  I can still remember when it came to me that to be more alive I had to be less afraid. So I did it, I lost my fear and gained my whole life. Ever since that turning point I have been involved in a love affair which has flown me around the globe draining me of my finances but flooding my soul with spirit and filling my heart with wonder. It has left me craving ever-changing coordinates and thirsting for adventure.

Paris Boy CZ2

Somewhere stumbling through a cloud forrest in Panama I decided I was going to make this dream a reality. Since then my ambition has only amplified and proved not to be fleeting. After months of traveling around the world in my mind searching for a teaching job in places like Vietnam to India, switching to the United Arab Emirates, tossing in Guatemala and Hong Kong throwing in a couple more locations here and there just to see what they had to offer I eventually landed a job for two years in Europe. Poland, to be exact.
This isn’t a rash decision. It isn’t just some whimsical tale I’ve come to imagine on a lazy day in San Diego. It’s a dream that I have figured out how to grant myself. A picture I wish to paint with vibrant radiance without ignoring realities of the darker hues that will exist. I am giving up all I have known in hopes of discovering all the raw beauty the world has to offer. Leaving a place I have called home and putting distance between some of the best friendships I have garnered. I am leaving my comfort zone; and while comfort zones are a beautiful thing, nothing ever grows there.

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