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My exit from California was as dramatic as could be, naturally. The end of my time in the Golden State marked the start of my Eurotrip with my Mom and all my bags were packed when it occurred to me that I had forgotten to download some Office episodes for my consumption in the air. That’s when my mind had to backtrack cause I sure as shit had no idea where my phone was. Where did I last use it? The bathroom? The car? Shit, last thing I remember was at the Yard House. Of course it’s not there. It’s fine I can call it. Nope. Airplane mode. Shit it’s out of the house. It’s at the restaurant, thank god *insert sigh of relief here*. Shit. Dad is going to be home any second, I have to run. Watching the minutes pass at an alarming rate the girl comes out and tries to make casual conversation “OMG YOU’RE GOING TO PRAGUE?!”. Yeah listen lady, not if my father kills me for being late. Hand that shit over, like yesterday…

To say my Mom and I deserved the two beers at LAX is a complete underestimation. My luggage was over weight, and no there was no room for movement. I really need to bring some shoes back and yeah the ranch was essential as was everything else. Just say it’s my mom’s bag, whatever. Wanna pat me down at security, of course! We were early. We had no where to go so we ended up sitting at PF Chang’s drowning the time with some beer. Eventually we were nestled into our seats we pop some Tylenol PM and with a bit of luck when we wake up we will be in Warsaw.

Arriving into Europe we had just missed a heat wave and the temperatures had plummeted. It was pant weather with an ominous sky. Weather can be moody outside of California and I like it. Keeps you on your toes. I have learned a couple things though. Trees can really save your ass when the sky opens and just coats the world in a liquid layer. I mean it’s not like this exact scenario happened in the middle of Praga or anything. But that’s jumping ahead…

Our time is Warsaw was brief but well spent. Relaxing in cafes, indulging in way too much Polish cusine and renting some scooters to take to the park. We bought kilos upon kilos of produce, marvelled at the intricate details of Old Town and ate some doughnuts from MOD. I was taking my mom to every corner of the town unveiling all my favorite places trying to show her what I call home and how there is so much hidden magic within the Warsaw city limits. We explored endless parks, Polish markets , rode our bikes to my school and made it to the Warsaw Zoo in Praga right before a storm. It was clear that she was in boot camp, logging nearly 10 miles a day and to think this was just the first stop. We were on our way to crack open more of Poland…

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