an ode to spring

Winter has begun to slowly melt, it’s frostbitten tears sink into the ground breaking winter’s icy spell with a promise of lighter days. A sky that was once painted grey holds a shade of blue I have never seen before. A soft golden glow fills the morning air as  glitter pours in through the smallest crevices gently waking the world. The shades fly up revealing a sky sprinkled with wisps of moisture that hang in the atmosphere shifting and forming into a multitude of shapes and then I hear it, the birds and their morning soliloquy occupy the airwaves composing nature’s symphony, inviting all people outside.

The cold no longer burns my bones as I step into the daylight. I can smell the promise of spring in the air. A hint of fresh, a dash of mystery and promise of ephemeral sunshine. I can feel the rays kiss my skin with a touch so warm I can feel it to my core as a smile pulls across my face. As I walk through the park trees with bare limbs are starting to show green buds fighting to meet the world. I find myself in wonder of the colour that reflects off flowers newly bloomed painting the world with happiness. Some flowers have seemingly caught the sunshine and hold it in their petals shining so bright it steals a bit of my breath every time I see it.


Patio furniture has started to appear along the walkways to greet the humans who are starting to emerge from their hibernation. People are slung in chairs upon a sidewalk smiling banter swinging in the air as the wine begins to disappear. Park benches are invitations to conversations with strangers and the city begins to get it’s groove back.

The world in winter was painted in grayscale while spring is full of screaming colour. I can feel the happiness pour over inside of me, filling spaces that were longing for light. There is a delicateness to spring, a beauty so soft that it whispers and at a moments notice will cease to exist. The morning may be spilling sunlight while the afternoon is wrapping the city within a blanket of sleet, hail and snow. Temperamental, unpredictable and reckless in a way that steals your heart and leaves you longing for more.

Perhaps it is the absence of light all winter that consequently left my soul with a deeper appreciation of the complexity of colours, craving the wildest of hues. Just when it seemed the world was painted black… a bit of green, a hint of rose and the bud of promise broke through the concrete. The blossoming of spring is slow filled with a sense of deliberateness. Reminding the world that nothing in life needs to forced; it will all unfold in it’s own time: conversations, friendships, love affairs and attention. Force results in near certainty of everything will bending, breaking and then burning in the palm of our hands. This season reminds us to release and take in all that surrounds because the biggest mistake you could make is to believer that you will get another chance to experience all the beauty that surrounds you.

Don’t get me wrong, winter has it’s own allure and charm. Perhaps, it is necessary to live through a dark, cold winter in order to adore the intricate yet whimsical details that make a day. Maybe it is imperative for us to have seasons (spiritual or seasonal) of stillness, silence and where a bit of us experiences death because without this hibernation we would be robbed of the ability to transform, bloom and thrive. No matter how all encompassing the night may seem, no winter will last forever and no spring will miss it’s cue. In the meantime, be kind to yourself, take a minute (or twenty-three) feel all that you need to feel. Scream, cry, laugh, break down and then rise; slowly, beautifully and deliberately like spring.


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